Planning a Food-Themed Birthday Party for Your Kids

How to Plan a Food-Themed Birthday Party for Your Kids

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Food Themed Birthday Parties for Kids

If there are two things that kids love, its parties and food, so if you are thinking of ideas for your child’s next birthday, a food-themed party would be ideal. There will be a lot of planning involved, especially when it comes to creating the food theme, but it will be a lot of fun, and something that if you can plan it right, will create not only awesome food but also lovely memories.

Think About the Age Range

Before you can plan the party, you need to think about the age range of the kids that are attending. It can have a big effect on the things the kids make, and the types of food you use. Don’t think that this type of party is restricted to only younger kids, if you can create the right games and activities, even teens will have fun. You should also think about the appetites and the choices you offer. For example, 4-year old children typically don’t have big appetites, but they will love the sweet and sugary treats. For that reason, you might want to limit the sugar to only a couple of the games and have only healthy options for the other food.

Deciding on a Venue

Bearing in mind that you want to have food games as part of the activities, you might not want those to take place on your nice carpet at home. If the weather is nice, you could have the games outside, but you will still need to clear up leftover food that is dropped. Another option is to hire a venue that has a floor you can easily sweep and mop clean. That way, you can cover tables with cleanable cloths, and it won’t matter how messy it gets. You also want a venue that will accommodate all the children and possible parents as well, and still, have the room for the games.


Because these games have the potential to be messy, clearing up after each game could take a while. For that reason, you need to plan the games in such a way that you can clean up one area while a game is going on in another. If you have space, you could have three game areas, one for the current game, one being cleaned, and another being prepared. It might sound like a lot of work, but if you can get some helpers and give them a job to do, it should work out fine. It is also another good reason why a venue could be the preferred choice.

Costing for the Party

You will be using a lot of food for a party like this, but you also don’t have to buy the most expensive range for the party games, except those they might want to keep or eat later. You also need to factor in the cost of any other party food for the kids and parents, the cost of the venue and any other entertainment you might want. Although these events can become expensive, you can try to reduce costs by making some of the decorations yourself and by asking people to bring their own drinks. You can also get quick cash loans to help finance the party.

Making Games

Although it’s nice to have competitive games, you also want to get them creating as well. It will teach them about food and how it goes together. For these, you want to create food making activities where they can create something to eat later, or as part of their birthday meal. For example, you could get them to make their own mini pizzas for their birthday meal. Give them some pots with different toppings and let them be creative. Once they are done, you can cook them while they play other games, and serve them at the meal. They will love the fact that they made them, and it will be a good food lesson. As well as pizzas, you can also have them decorating cupcakes, biscuits and perhaps making a fruit salad for their puddings.

Competitive Games

Although making food is fun, playing with it is more fun for kids. That is why it’s also a great idea to have some games against the clock, of the first to finish wins. These games don’t have to be elaborate; you just need a simple idea and a creative way to present it. For example, you can place small sweets in jelly and have one for each kid. It can then be the first one to remove and eat all the sweets that wins the game. Another idea is to place food into a box and have them place their hand in to guess what it is. You can also use this game for older children but use grosser foods. Another for older kids could be a choice game where they have to choose between two covered bowls. One will have a nice treat and the other something less pleasant, the one that guesses the sweetest ones wins.

Food Allergies

As always, it is important that you are aware of any food allergies the kids might have. You need to contact the parents of those children that are coming to ask if they have any food allergies or food they don’t eat for other reasons. If there are kids with an intolerance such as gluten, then it is best that all the food for the games is gluten-free. It will prevent any problems from arising from cross contamination. There should be ways to work around any intolerances without too much trouble.

For those that love to cook and also love organizing parties, this type of food party will be perfect for you. The good part is that a lot of the games could be prepared in advance and kept in a chilled room for a couple of days. With the right planning and creative games, you can make your child’s birthday party go with a swing.