Recipe Cards, Notepads & Shopping Lists

We all use shopping lists, to do lists, doodle pads and recipes cards. is happy to supply these to you for free!  All you need to do is grab some paper and start printing away.

Our recipe cards are a little bit larger than 3 1/2" x 5" and are best to be printed on heavy card stock.  We offer blank recipe cards (no lines) that make it easy to insert the graphic (recipe card) into your word processing program and then enter your recipe onto it to print. We also offer lined recipe cards that you can print and keep as is to give as gifts OR to write your own recipes on them.

Each page of recipe cards includes a “Kitchen tip” bookmark at the bottom that will also print out. Each bookmark has a handy kitchen tip OR is a short “quick trip” shopping list.  These are kitchen and cooking tips that are musts around the kitchen.


BEFORE YOU PRINT: Printing Hints – Be sure to print only page 1 through page 1 when prompted by your printer for "All"  or "Range of Pages" to print. The notepads have two designs per page.  Simply print out and cut down the middle.  You can use regular printed paper to print the notepads. Simply print as many copies as you want, cut down the middle and then staple them together to make your "pad".  Be sure to use cardstock to print the recipe cards.

Lined Recipe Cards Lists & Notepads
Apron Birdhouses Grocery
to Run
Breakfast Coffee Quick
Trip List
Mom’s Chore List
Condiments Cookies Cartoon – Doodle Pad Home Office To Do’s
Mice in Love Art Deco Chef Cartoon – Doodle Pad 2 My Doodles
Potted Flowers Kitchen Stuff Calls to Make