Advantages Of Frozen Ingredients For A Restaurant

Frozen Fruit

In the restaurant sector, apart from daily fresh products, it is also necessary to use the freezer for some raw materials. Frozen products, whether from meat suppliers or wholesale pickles suppliers are designed to speed up the work for professionals in the kitchen, hotels, restaurants and cafeterias.

Having products that are out of season is one of the great advantages since it allows the menu to be always up to date. Also, it improves management and processes within the kitchen so that orders are on time at the tables.

Thanks to the technology applied to food freezing processes, each product stays fresh for a longer time, which ensures that its properties, aromas and flavours remain intact, just as if they were fresh.

This guarantees the great benefits of working with this type of product, but also its demanding sanitary control and excellent storage practices.

But what other advantages are obtained when using frozen ingredients in an establishment?

  • Convenience. Frozen foods are easy to store, some come pre-cooked to just be finished and given the finishing touches, and others only require direct heating without having to rinse or clean.
  • Safety and hygiene. The low temperatures at which they are stored, kill microorganisms and bacteria while making the degradation of the product much slower. They are the least involved in cases of intoxication, both at a domestic and industrial level. This is due to the action of the cold; the growth of microorganisms is reduced.
  • Nutritional value. Despite the existing myths regarding freezing, food does not lose its nutritional value, on the contrary, it remains intact and continues to be an important source of very high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Freshness. If the cold chain is not broken, the food, when defrosted, preserves all its qualities of flavour, aroma, texture, etc.
  • Versatility. There is an extensive number of options available since you can freeze most foods.
  • Economy. These types of supplies have a stable price, but can be purchased even if they are on sale with the distributor, and take advantage of them by keeping them for a long time in the freezer for future occasions.
  • Availability. You can have fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood in season even when they are out of it.

Price, practicality and nutritional quality are the differentials between frozen foods versus fresh foods, which is why, in recent years, these types of supplies have had an impact at any level, from the home to corporate hotel chains. Thanks to this you can find great options and with the benefit of being able to streamline absolutely all processes within the kitchen.

For those who run businesses dedicated to food, it is important to evaluate all the factors that save money and time, but at the same time maintain the quality of your menu. Diners are the main factor, so you must always have a wide variety of quality ingredients to provide a satisfactory service to achieve business success.

Frozen products are by far a fundamental element and a safe and ideal option for reducing production process times, prolonged storage and allowing for a larger assortment of dishes that customers can enjoy throughout the year.

Strictly conserving the cold chain from the freezing process to distribution ensures excellent quality and freshness. So, frozen products will always be a successful bet for any business.

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