Expert Samsung Elite WF50K7500AV Review 2019

The Samsung Elite WF50K7500AV is the dream washing machine for every mom who has to deal with a forgotten sock or vest. It comes with a massive 5-cubic-foot capacity that makes it a true luxury appliance for large households. The washer does a wonderful job at removing tough stains using steam, making it a must have for moms with kids who are yet to learn how to stay tidy.

This front-load washer is also known to many as the Samsung WF7500, boasting of a couple of unique features from Samsung. Here’s a brief review of what this washing machine offers:

Steam Wash & Special Foam Feature

Unlike other products in the market, the Elite WF50K700AV comes fitted with a special foam function alongside a steam wash to clean your laundry thoroughly. The feature utilizes water, air and detergent to penetrate the fabric deeply.

Smart Control

The Samsung WF50K7500AV comes with Wi-Fi connectivity to connect your phone with the washer. That allows you to get instant alerts for tracking the time left on each cycle, setting wash times and seeing when the laundry is done. You can conveniently perform all these functions remotely while not at home.

Child Lock

To help stop your kid from changing the settings or starting your washer, the Samsung child lock feature will come in handy. Fortunately, the Samsung WF50K7500AV is among the few brands with this feature, disabling every button on the washer except the power button.

Large Capacity

With 5-cubic feet internal capacity, the washer gives you a large capacity that saves you energy and time. There’s no need for multiple rounds of laundry as it cal also handle a significant amount of soiled clothes. For instance, if you wash your clothes in two loads with a normal average washer, it will only take one with the WF50K7500AV.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to your average washer, this Samsung washer is less energy efficient. However, it’s energy efficiency remains well above the average due to its functionality and advanced features. Regardless, you won’t need to worry about this factor as its EPA certified. You can be sure it will not be gobbling your water and electricity.

14 Wash Cycles

The WF50K7500AV features 14 wash cycles like cold water cleaning, sanitize, quick wash, extra rinse, heavy items and water temperature. The pre-wash cycle gives you a preliminary wash before putting your cycle of choice, making it easy to clean soiled clothes. You’ll also have an easy time removing laundry additives using the extra rinse option.


The Samsung WF50K7500AV is among the most reasonably priced large capacity front0loading washers out there. You can get this appliance with a budget within the $1500 range, giving you numerous great features that give you excellent long-term functionality.

What You’ll Like

  • Large capacity for big households
  • Steam wash, AddWash and other Unique features
  • Great warranty
  • Durable

What You Might Not

  • Not the cheapest washer around

Final Words

The WF50K7500AV is big enough to accommodate the laundry requirements of a large family while allowing you to enjoy several innovative features. The AddWash feature comes in handy if you have to throw in forgotten sock or vest, though its not an essential feature for most moms. Nonetheless, it’s worth every dollar.